Performance Appraisal Of Federal Ombudsman Secretariat For Protection Against Harassment (Fospah)
Author: Hira Hussain

This research is about the performance of Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection Against Harassment (FOSPAH). Main objectives of this research were to analyze the credibility of FOSPAH as an institution of addressing harassment, to evaluate the success rate of the number of a harassment cases solved from total number of cases and to determine the steps FOSPAH is taking to address harassment cases. All the work done by FOSPAH from 2010 till now has been utilized in this research. This research highlights the credibility and authenticity of FOSPAH and discusses the measurements this committee takes to solve the harassment cases. This document will also put forth the achievements of FOSPAH. Purposive sampling was used to collect the data. The data was collected from the officials of the FOSPAH through interviews and documented details were collected from the Office. Results shows that in start FOSPAH was an isolated department but people are getting aware of it and FOSPAH is bringing betterment with the passage of time. There is improvement which can be seen throughout the time period since its establishment. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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