MSc Economics

The Impact of Foreign Economic Assistance on Government Expenditures: A Case Study of Pakistan
By:Syeda Tawakal Fatima
Supervisor: Omer Siddique
Export, Human Capital and Economic Growth in Pakistan
By:Bushra Ahmed
Supervisor: Omer Siddique
Impact of Remittances on Economic Growth and Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan
By:Saleem Dilawar
Supervisor: Ayaz Ahmad
Impact of Energy Consumption, Urbanization, FDI and Economic Growth on Co2 Emission in Pakistan
By:Saba Bibi
Supervisor: Ayaz Ahmad
Determination of Exchange Rate on the Basis of Monetary, Trade and Foreign Exchange Model
By:Muhammad Umar Ayaz
Supervisor: Hafsa Hina
Role of Higher Education in Economic Growth in Pakistan Thesis
By:Zahoor Ahmad Khan
Supervisor: Karim Khan
Impact of Corruption on Economic Growth; Evidence from South AsiaImpact of Corruption on Economic Growth; Evidence from South Asia
By:Ateeq Ullah
Supervisor: Karim Khan
Impact of Monetary Policy on Loan Availability to Small and Medium Enterprises in Pakistan
By:Muhammad Umar Shinwari
Supervisor: Farzana N. Khan
Economic Growth Estimation: Case Study Of Pakistan
By:Liaqat Qazi
Supervisor: Saud Ahmed Khan
Determinants Of Election Outcomes: An Evidence From Pakpattan
By:Muhammad Asad Khan Akhunzada
Supervisor: Karim Khan
Economic Performance: Civil Rights Verses Democracy
By:Bramsh Khan
Supervisor: Karim Khan
Determinants Of The Size Of The Government
By:Lala Rukh Tufail
Supervisor: Karim Khan