Utilization Of Remittances For Religious Purposes (A Case Study Of Jhelum City)
Author: Zunaira Kaleem

Remittances are playing a significant role in boosting the economy and promoting religious activities in Pakistan. Muslims have a strong connection with their religious institutions and they remit to promote it. Money which migrants remit is properly utilized by these religious institutions. Migrants who are settled in abroad are sending money to run the monthly expenditure of their family and for investment purposes. Religion revolve around spirituality, values, belief, culture and tradition. People have a firm belief in Shrines and Masjid/Madrasa and they remit for these religious institutions. Remittances and religion are two different institutes. This study focuses on the utilization of remittances for religious purposes and it also focuses on how the religion motivates people to spend money for religious institution. This study is qualitative in nature and thematic analysis is used as a data analysis tool. This study explains that, spirituality and belief hold great importance in Muslim societies and people have very close connection with their religious institutions. People have firm faith in Sufi blessing and they remit for shrines and believe that by remitting in Sufi shrines will help them to solve their social, cultural and economic problems. People believe Gadinasheen and Mulana of Masjid/Madrasa are the most religious people and they are very close to GOD. So overall remittances are contributing for the developmental process and making a positive impact on welfare of society. Supervisor:- Dr Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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