Essays On Financial Inclusion In Pakistan
By:Fareeha Adil
Supervisor: Abdul Jalil
Determinants of Bank Liquidity: An Evidence from Pakistan
By:Sheheryar Khan
Supervisor: Ahmed Fraz
Socio-Economic Correlates of Complementary Feeding Practices Among Infants and Toddlers in Punjab
By:Saeedullah Khan
Supervisor: Rizwan ul Haq
Impact Of Capital Structure On Firm Value Creation: Evidence From The Cement Sector Of Pakistan
By:Mazhar Hussain
Supervisor: Farhat Mahmood
The Impact of IMF Loans, Programs & Compliance With Conditionality on Economic Growth in Pakistan
By:Salman Tahir
Supervisor: Ahsan ul Haq Satti
Monetary Aggregation And Liquidity Puzzle: Evidence From Pakistan
By:Rabia Sultana
Supervisor: Ahsan ul Haq Satti
Effects Of Social Institutions On Women’s Academic Performance And Work Participation: A Case Study Based In Quetta, Baluchistan
By:Nazish Raza
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan
Impact Of Trade Credit On Shareholder Wealth: Moderating Role Dividend Policy
By:Mohibullah Khan
Supervisor: Jaleel Ahmed Malik
A Critical Evaluation Of Kamyab Jawaan Program In Uplifting The Socio-economic Conditions Of Pakistan: Policy Implications
By:Tahreem Naeem Raja
Supervisor: Hassan Rasool
Impact of Stock Price Synchronicity on Stock Liquidity in Pakistani Equity Market
By:Komal Altaf
Supervisor: Ahmed Fraz
Impact Of Capital Regulation On Banks’ Performance: Evidence From Pakistan
By:Saba Ishaq
Supervisor: Uzma Zia
Monetary Policy Shocks And Inflation Persistence: In Case Of Pakistan
By:Sania Anwar
Supervisor: Ahsan ul Haq Satti