Perception about FATA Reforms And Identification of Constraints: A case study of Bajaur Khar
Author: Burhan Zeb

The title of current study is “ Perception about fata reforms and identification of constraints”. The basic aim of the study was to investigate the perception of local people and to identify the hurdles and constraints in process of fata reforms. The locale of the study was district bajaur tehsil khar. The basic aim of the study was to identify the constraints regarding fata merger and also identify the remnants of Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR). This was a qualitative study which semi structured interview guide and focus group disscussion were used to collect data from different categories of respondents. The respondent were divided into four different categories like politicians, private sector, government officels and other local people of the area. Thematic analysis were used for the analysis of collected data which the findings show that, the government less interest because of 3% share in the national finance commission award (NFC), Beuraucracy, local stakholders, old mindset and clash of authority between beuraucracy and government were the main hurdles in the process of fata reforms. Despite that, due to geographical location of FATA has always gained extent pay of attention globally. The potential of the inhabitant and the abundance of the natural resources has made FATA a centre of global attention. The people has suffered a lot in proxy wars but still the people are ready to take part in the nation building but they want upright attention of the government to give basic citizens rights, released the promised share of the area and restored all the ravages in which destroyed in the war against terror. This study cover the perceptions of people regarding fata reforms and also identify the constraints and remnants of Frontier Crime Regulation (FCR). Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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