Exploration of Slums as Gendered Spaces in Islamabad: An Ethnographic Approach
Author: Asma Gul

In the globalized world, on one hand the level of development is increasing day by day but at the same time the poor is getting poorer and the weak weaker. Those who dream to get better lives move into urban cities but unfortunately, they become the victims of urbanization and get settled in slums. This thesis is an attempt to gauge the hurdles that the people face when they (without any choice) settle in raw houses known as Slum. By using the qualitative research strategy, opinions of the slum dwellers is seen yet especial emphasis is posed towards the women of slum because this thesis has applied an especial lens of gender-space. Using the lens of gender-space, the socio-economic lives of the Slum dwellers is seen, where it was fathomed that it is rather the constructed space of the slum-dwellers that gives birth to certain notions that are alien for those who are living outside of the slum space i.e. the urban- world. And that it is that space which further reinforces the gender space and leads the women of the Slum to have some specific characteristics that differs from the other women of the society. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jehangir Khan Co-Supervisor:- Mr. Fahd Zulfiqar

Meta Data

Keywords : Gendered Spaces, Slums, Spaces
Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan
Cosupervisor: Fahd Zulfiqar

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