Issues of Water Crisis in Islamabad
Author: Mubashir Ahmad

Water availability is a real issue in Islamabad capital territory due to over consumption and leakages in the infrastructure. To find more about this problem and its root causes this study undertakes to investigate the issue of water crisis in Islamabad, Pakistan. The study two objectives: first being determining the actual need and supply of water and second unearthing underlying causes of water shortage mixed method strategy was implied. Primary as well as secondary data was collected. For this first objective, measuring water demand was collected from selected households in Islamabad by using convenience sampling in which water flow meters were installed in three different places in Islamabad and it was found that on average a person consumption enormous 195 litres per day in Islamabad. It also concluded that to full fill the need of Islamabad 103 MGD and CDA is getting 83 MGD. To full fill the second objective CDA officials were intervened as well as office records were gone thorough and it was found that present need of water can easily be fulfilled with good management. The results of this study also showed that if we want solve the water issue than we have to work on accountability of water first on both demand and supply sides. Supervisor:- Dr. Jahangir Khan Co-Supervisor:- Aqeel Anwar Ch.

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan
Cosupervisor: Muhammad Aqeel Anwar

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