Impact of Service Quality on Repurchase Intention of Umrah Customers under the Moderating role of Customer Satisfaction in Pakistan
Author: Tajamul Ashiq

Service quality (SQ) is one of the key factors and result oriented strategies to satisfy customers and convince them to become loyal customers by delivering quality based products and services to reach their needs and desires. To overcome any uncertainties and win the competition marathon within the industry; a nonstop and continual improvement in the quality of offered products and services is needed. In this growing era, Umrah travel agencies and this industry is increasing rapidly in Pakistan. This study aims to know the impact of Umrah service quality towards customer satisfaction on travel agents in Pakistan because many people complain against agents and service quality of Umrah. So, there is a great need to explore this phenomenon of repurchase intention and SERVQUAL. This research uses a quantitative research method to evaluate the independent variables towards dependent variables. The sampling technique used was non-probability sampling and snowball sampling and sample size was of 150 respondents. Tests used in this research are validity and reliability, regression analysis test and moderation analysis to test hypotheses. This study explores the impact of customer satisfaction and its impact on repurchase intention. The study is really important for the Umrah consumers. In this study we develop a conceptual model and then test it while using different factors in order to know the power and impact of SERVQUAL dimensions of Umrah on repurchase intention under the moderating role of customer satisfaction. We see Accommodation, Mobility, Care Taking, Food Services and Problem solving as independent variables, customer satisfaction as moderator, and repurchase intention as dependent variables. We developed a survey and filled it in with participants and last discussed the results and practical implications of the study. Supervisor:- Fizzah Khalid Butt

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fizzah Khalid Butt

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