Health Insurance claims in Hospitals of Sargodha: A Case Study of Prime Minister National health Programme
Author: Muhammad Hishaam Muzaffar Qureshi

The Sehat Insaf Card, an innovation of the last decade, is becoming increasingly popular nationwide as the Sehat Sahulat Card. This research is an attempt to critically look into the health insurance programme launched by the Government of Pakistan, and recognize the link of patient satisfaction level with the rejection of insurance claims in this programme. The major part of this research took place in Sargodha; however, representatives of this programme from different cities were also interviewed. Mixed method approach was used to look at the quantitative aspect of insurance claim rejections, and weigh its importance, while examining the implications with the in-depth approach of the qualitative method during interviews. It was found that insurance claim rejections for hospital treatment in Sargodha had an adverse impact on patient satisfaction, which led to confusion, decline in efficiency of hospitals and increased shifting of doctors away from those hospitals. Supervisor:- Dr. Fazli Hakim Khattak

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fazli Hakim Khattak

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