Exploring The Impact Of Personalized Social Media Advertising On Online Impulse Buying Behavior Under The Moderation Of Privacy Concern And Mediation Of Percieved Relvance, Percieve Novality, And Online Payment Facility
Author: Huzaifa Aslam

Online impulse buying is a precarious feature that is tremendously beneficial for e- retailer and online advertisers. Personalization is used for the purpose of marketing at social media by marketers and advertisers. So there is great need to explore this phenomenon of personalization and online impulse buying behavior. This study explores the impact of personalized advertisement and its impact on online impulse buying behavior, this study is really important for the online retailers and marketers. In this study we developed a conceptual model and then test it while using different factors in order to know the power and impact of personalized advertisement on online impulse buying on social media. We see perceived novelty and perceived relevance and payment facility as mediators between personalized advertisement and online impulse buying behavior and privacy concerns as a moderator between payment facility and online impulse buying behavior. Develop a survey and filled it by participants, then perform analysis of correlation and regression, ten of the hypotheses of this study are supported by the finding of results. And at the last chapter discuss the results and practical implications and conclusion of the study. Supervisor:- Ms. Fizzah Khalid

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fizzah Khalid Butt

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