Post Maternity Leave Changes in Work Performance
Author: Saba Aslam

This study aims to find what challenge are faced by female academics in Pakistan educational institutes and factors that effects their health and performance. The objective is to explore the post maternity work experience of female academic and educational institutes provide a supportive environment. The data sample consists of 24 participants selected from different educational institutes. The results show that female academics who return to work after maternity leave increases responsibilities, after return to work they have to manage the child and work responsibilities, simultaneously. Educational institutes expect from female academics that they don’t bring their child in workplace. Sometimes educational institutes increase the workload due to which the female faculty face postpartum depression effects on their physical and mental health and also impact their performance. This research gives some suggestions to improve the policies of maternity leave. 6months extension in maternity leave, provide the daycare center in the institutions and all other organizations and allow 3 months paid leave for a contract employee. Supervisor:- Mariam Mohsin

Meta Data

Supervisor: Mariam Mohsin

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