A Comparative Analysis of Students’ Satisfaction Level Regarding Annual and Semester Systems: A Case Study of Government Post Graduate Jahanzeb College, Swat
Author: Sayed Anwar Zeb

This study was carried out to investigate the students’ satisfaction level regarding annual and semester system of education. A sample of total 320 students with equal symmetry of 160 from each system; semester and annual were randomly selected from Government Post Graduate Jehanzeb College (GPGJC), Saidu Sharif Swat. The intended study was conducted with a conceptual framework having dependent variable i.e. students satisfaction level and independent variables as, effective schedule management, group work, individual learning, grading system, curriculum management, reduced burden, and constructive feedback. The data after collection through structure questionnaire was analyzed by some statistical techniques such as; Chi-square and t-test. The result of the study showed that semester system is the most satisfactory system of education. The students’ strong satisfaction with semester system is because of some merits of semester system such as course completion within time, schedule for extra-curricular activities, participation in group activities, curriculum management, teacher assistance in lessening study burden by providing updated readings, evaluation through their attendance, and class participation that contribute to their confidence building and happiness. Supervisor:- Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Meta Data

Supervisor: Attiya Yasmin Javid

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