Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Transgender in Pakistan
Author: Khobaan Khan

This research evaluates entrepreneurship opportunities for transgender in Pakistan. The study was conducted in different areas of Pakistan while including 20 candidates from different areas as these people are scattered and their population is unknown as well. The data will be collected through interview based. The dependent variable is entrepreneurship opportunities for transgender while independent variables are transgender education and skill level, transgender employment level, and transgender social mobility. Mostly, they are found to be uneducated in many areas of Pakistan. Now a days, they are involved in such insistence that are not socially ethical and knowing to be principled. One of the admiring things regarding transgender and their choices of occupations is that they are inclined towards their rights of honorable professions and they are willing to embrace their rightful and honorable claims as a society member. And they also accept the value of education in their lives and know its worth and they are willing to be a part of the society as a normal human being. But to that they would need a hand in hand of a quality lawyer who would be able to declare their rights and make a stance in front of the authorities that are guarding the law Supervisor:- Mariam Mohsin Co-Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Jahangir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Mariam Mohsin
Cosupervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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