Role of Credit in the Accessing Fertilizers and Pesticides in Wheat Production. A case study of District Sialkot, Punjab
Author: Afzaal Ahmad

This study is based on a survey with a sample of 120 farmers from Sialkot District. Agricultural credit in Sialkot district is on rising trend during the recent years. However, most of such credit has been disbursed in urban and semi-urban areas only. Thus, there is a need to extend the formal financial intermediation services in the rural areas also. To increase the farmer’s access to better inputs and mechanized farming methods and thereby raising wheat production, more credit should be disbursed to purchase better inputs besides capital instruments. Farmers of the study area do not have an easy access to agricultural credit. They do not get as much credit as required to finance the inputs of agricultural production. Moreover, they have to bear a high interest rate while taking credit. It is thus, necessary to improve their access to agricultural credit at a lower interest rate. Farmers should be imparted the technical know-how about how to utilize credit for the enhancement of wheat production by using better farming inputs and better farming practices. Agricultural credit has helped to enhance the agricultural productivity of the farmers in the study area. With such a credit facility, farmers have a better access to improved seeds, fertilizer, pesticides and better irrigation facility. Supervisor:- Prof. Dr Usman Mustafa Co Supervisor:- Dr. Ayaz Ahmad

Meta Data

Supervisor: Usman Mustafa
Cosupervisor: Ayaz Ahmad

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