What makes Infographics go Viral on Social Media?
Author: Aamir Zaheer

This research aims to find out the reasons why and how infographics go viral on social media. The study follows the qualitative research where the content creators, social media and digital marketers, and marketing students were in-depth interviewed over the period of one month and then the responses were analyzed through thematic analysis. The study found to be grounded in the Jonah Bergers’ STEPPS principles (2013) as it explains the reason behind the virality of content and it was concluded that social currency, trigger, emotions, public, practical value, stories, along with word of mouth and trends are responsible for making infographics go viral on social media. The digital marketers and content creators are highly recommended to use STEPPS principles and keep them in mind while creating content to get it viral ultimately. Supervisor:- Ms. Fizzah Khalid Butt

Meta Data

Keywords : Infographics, Social Currency, Social Media, Triggers, Virality
Supervisor: Fizzah Khalid Butt

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