Transgender, Gender Affirmation and Resilient Strategies: A Case Study of Transgender Youth in Peshwar
Author: Syed Jawad Ali Shah

The narratives, policies and practices of development are inherently heteronormative in nature as literature suggests, and people with non-confirming gender such as transgenders are unfamiliar with the benefits of developmental outcomes. Using qualitative research strategy, and primary data collection via close ended questioners, in depth interviews and focus group discussion as research method, from two different UDC’s, transgender youth and religious scholars, and choosing Peshawar City as study locale, this research study is an attempt to achieve three basic objectives: To document the current socio-economic status of transgender youth in Peshawar city. To explore the resilient strategies used by transgender youth for their gender affirmation in Peshawar city. And to understand the affordability of Prostitutions by transgender youth as resilient strategy particularly in the socio-religious context of Peshawar city. Using thematic analysis of qualitative data, this research study finds five different resilient strategies used by ‘Transgender Youth’ In Peshawar city. Family and friendship acceptance, (2) Interacting with healthcare services and social services organization, (3) Connection with a supportive community, (4) Dealing and building relationships with higher authorities, (5) and others which include Dancing, begging and prostitution. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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