Socioeconomic Consequences of Real Estate
Author: Javaid Iqbal Qamar

This study deal with the socioeconomics consequences of real estate business in Pakistan which caused the number of issues regarding real estate investment, access of housing, employment, and inequality. On one side some economists said that real estate is capital intensive business it decreases the employment in economy while on the other side some economist say that 250 allied industry attached to real estate it increases employment. Real estate business is less risky than any other business in Pakistan, therefor people who are settled abroad invest their money in real estate because it does not require physical participation. On one side some economist says that real estate increases the investment in economy while on the other side some economists say that it decreases the investment in other sector such as agriculture and industries, these are the two major sectors that can increase employment in many time. Real estate is helpful in access to housing because of increase the trend of urbanization but very bad and serious effect of real estate that it increases inequality in economy. For the purpose of accomplishment of purpose, I collect data from 200 households and 100 property dealer from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Data shows 70% dealing are for residential purpose,18%for commercial,10 % for sale and 2% farmhouse. The 46 % source of purchaser come from remittances, 37% from business and 17% source of purchase come from jobs. These results clearly indicate that highest income come from remittance. Each property dealer employment to 5 skilled and 13 unskilled labor and provide job 8 people an average. 25% rent received by household by agriculture, 44% rent is received by residential house and 31% rent is received by leasing commercial property. Supervisor: Dr. Atiq -ur -Rehman Co supervisor: Dr. Ayaz Ahmad

Meta Data

Supervisor: Atiq Ur Rahman
Cosupervisor: Ayaz Ahmad

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