Socioeconomic And Agriculture Productivity Impact Of Sabakzai Dam: A Case Study Of Balochistan, Pakistan
Author: Muhammad Aslam

Water is a main component of life for all living organism. The living surface of earth is benefited direct and indirectly. It has been observed that the water crises are become serious issues for all developed as well as developing nations. United Nations are working on different countries to find the solution of water scarcity. Most of the countries have been builds small and large dams for tackle down the water crises; it is one of the most advantages in short term. It is important water-shed managements are compulsory for the reduction of long term stressed water. The study based on small dams which represented the Baluchistan province; too much backward and water stressed is a serious problems rather than other provinces of Pakistan. The study operated the dam its impact on agriculture productivity in Zhob district. Four season of weather are perfect and suitable for Quince production yields. Finding the empirical analysis used Statistical and Econometric technique. Definitely Financial and Economic analysis was calculated for doing benefits cost analysis and OLS estimation technique was also used to quantify the data for Quince production yields. Results revealed that dam had a positive impact on the livelihood of people and also enhanced living standard. Supervisor:- Dr. Amena Urooj Co-Supervisor:- Dr. Hafsa Hina

Meta Data

Supervisor: Amena Urooj

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