Estimating Price And Income Elasticity Of The Demand For Sugar Sweetened Beverages In Pakistan
By:Ghufran Khan
Supervisor: Mahmood Khalid
Stock Analysis And Efficient Portfolio Diversification: A Case Of Pakistan Equity Market
By:Zahid Ali Shad
Supervisor: Attiya Yasmin Javid
Harvesting The Benefits Of Industrialization For Inclusive Growth: An Evidence Based Policy Framework
By:Khizar Hayat
Supervisor: Usman Qadir
Have Covid-19 Changed The Trade Gravity Of Pakistan?
By:Zahra Arshad
Supervisor: Naseem Faraz
Random Walk Behavior In Pakistani Stock Market
By:Hafsa Matloob
Supervisor: Mariam Mohsin
Intellectual Capital And Firm´s Performance: A Case Of Textile Companies
By:Madeeha Mushtaq
Supervisor: Nadeem Ahmed Khan
Essays On The Efficiency Of School Education
By:Andleeb Ismail
Supervisor: Karim Khan
The Social Normalization Of Deviant Behaviors And Moral Decay In Educational System: A Case Study Of Public Universities In Islamabad
By:Arbab Taimoor Khan
Supervisor: Usman Ahmad
Impact Of Covid -19 On Tourism Development In Gilgit- Baltistan
By:Bibi Maryam
Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro
Reviewing And Incorporating Pedagogical Techniques In Higher Education Via Students Perceptions
By:Zarmina Khalid Khan
Supervisor: Lubna Hassan
Choice Between Madrassa And Conventional Education; Investigating The Preferences And Drivers
By:Wasim Sajad Shah
Supervisor: Iftikhar Ahmad
Informality and Poverty in Pakistan: Interlinkages and Evidence
By:Shabana Kishwar
Supervisor: Sajid Amin Javed