Social Issues of Blind, Deaf and Mentally Challenged Children: A Case Study of Jhang
Author: Nawal Rehman Yousaf

Disability is a condition that prevents a person to involve in society’s tasks and routine even excluded from culture. Disability is present in everywhere all around the world. People with disabilities are ignored in such way that they consider themselves as a burden. Developed countries have used disability to be an ability but in developing countries, disability is like a monster and a curse. People have no feelings for special children except sympathy. Special children face a lot of issues in their daily life either by parents & sibling or by teacher and friends. So the study is conducted on them to highlight that they are not aliens, they are human beings but in a different way and can survive in the society easily if community and society understand them and treat them in a proper way. Qualitative research method is used in the area of Jhang. Semistructured interviewed are conducted for teachers, parents, deaf and blind children while personal observation was used for mentally challenged children. Results reveal the sick mentality of society and people and ignorance of government and make us to work more on the children with disabilities. If a special children is treated with love and provided with little more care, he/she can be more useful and productive citizen of society. By taking lesson from study , the overall need is the strict policy implementation and need the government’s attention as well as society to be informed that how a special child should be treated. Employment should be provided to them for their sustenance in society. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Co-Supervisor:- Mr. Fahd Zulfiqar

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro
Cosupervisor: Fahd Zulfiqar

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