Finding the multiplier effects of Job Creation and Skill shortage in Energy Sector of CPEC Projects
Author: Mahak Abbas

The China Economic Corridor of Pakistan (CPEC) has become a gateway to Pakistan’s economic growth and stability. It has great potential to solve the ongoing energy crisis and, ultimately, to lead Pakistan towards energy stability. In this regard, job creation is an essential component of the socio-economic effects of the various skill sets and their influence on the different stages of the production and implementation processes life cycle. This research shows number of jobs created against one megawatt of Electricity multiplier effect and try to identify the areas of skill shortage in energy projects under CPEC. In this regard, I am collecting data from the Karot hydropower plant to analyze the jobs potential of the CPEC project and then identify the multiplier effects of job development and skills shortage requirements in Pakistan’s energy projects. Supervisor:-Dr. Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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