Role of Mangroves Eco-System in Livelihood of Bhira Village, District Lasbela (Balochistan)
Author: Asma Bibi

This study focuses on the role of mangrove ecosystem in poverty reduction in Bhira village District Lasbela. The objective of the study is to find the contribution of mangrove ecosystem fishing. A survey based method is used to find out the results. It is cross sectional data and total sample size is 110 households. Simple OLS technique is used for the estimation. The estimation results indicate that in the village fishing is main occupation of people. While the current production of fish catch (kg) reflects that due to the mangrove degradation the production of fish catch (kg) has decreased as compared to the production of fish catch in five and ten years ago when the mangrove ecosystem was better in the area. The poverty head count is 63.4 percent which shows higher incidence of poverty among fishermen in Bhira village. The mangrove also provides many other services such as protection from storm and flood, use as firewood, fences and framing of roof. The study concludes that the mangroves play key role in the livelihood of local community. Supervisor:- Dr. Rehana Siddiqui

Meta Data

Keywords : Bhira Village, Eco-System, Lasbela-Balochistan-Pakistan, Livelihoods, Mangroves Eco-System
Supervisor: Rehana Siddiqui

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