Risk Assessment of Manufacturing and Financial Sector of Pakistan
By:Fareeha Adil
Supervisor: Shahid Mansoor Hashmi
An Analysis Of The Impact Of Government Size On Economic Growth Of Pakistan: An Endogenous Growth
By:Shumaila Zareen
Supervisor: Abdul Qayyum
Cyclical Implications Of The Basel Capital Standards: An Investigation From Pakistan
By:Romila Qamar
Supervisor: Shahid Mansoor Hashmi
Impact Of Credit Constraint On Firms’ Investment And Growth Behavior: A Case Study Of Manufacturing Sector Of Pakistan
By:Mughees Tahir Bhalli
Supervisor: Shahid Mansoor Hashmi
An Analysis of Intragenerational Mobility and its Determinants in Rural Pakistan
By:Naima Rasheed
Supervisor: Ghulam Muhammad Arif
Financial Liberalization and its impact on Economic Growth of Pakistan
By:Samina Shabir
Supervisor: Zafar Mahmood
Demographic Transition, Saving And Economic Growth In Pakistan
By:Javaria Kanwal
Supervisor: Abdul Qayyum
Impact of Oil Price and Shocks on Economic Growth of Pakistan: Multivariate Analysis
By:Sidra Nazir
Supervisor: Abdul Qayyum
Rent Seeking: It’s Impact on Total Factor Productivity and Inflation
By:Aqila Anwar
Supervisor: Musleh ud Din
Forecasting Exchange Rate of Pakistan
By:Sehrish Ashfaq
Supervisor: Wasim Shahid Malik
Resource Curse or Blessing?: A panel data Analysis
By:Abdul Hannan
Supervisor: Hassan Muhammad Mohsin
Impact of Financial Integration on Economic Growth: Evidence from Asian Developing Economies
By:Madiha Bashir
Supervisor: Attiya Yasmin Javid