Role of Internship in Employability of Students
Author: Hifza Rubab

This is a comparative study of government and non-government host organizations offering internship programs to analyze their impact on interns’ satisfaction that ultimately affect their employability in future. For this purpose a mediator variable self-efficacy was studied and considered as a bridge between role of internship and interns’ satisfaction. We concluded that self-efficacy has significant but negative influence on interns’ satisfaction who remain engaged in an internship provided by the government and private organizations of Pakistan. The study results found that a satisfied intern might not be a productive one, due to a lack of standard learning during an internship, which causes a deficiency of performance skills and learning. This factor makes an intern incompetent for the desired job. This study was confined to interns in one area “Islamabad”. Supervisor:- Mr. Fuad Bashir

Meta Data

Keywords : Deficiency, Employability, Incompetent, Mediator, Self- efficacy
Supervisor: Fuad Bashir Awan

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