Effect Of Blue Light Muraqba Medition On Learning Retention Across The Gender: A Field Experiment
Author: Hira Noor

This thesis aims at revealing the effects of blue light muraqaba meditation on the learning retention in class room setting. A field experiment was conducted in three classes where higher education courses were taught. The course includes two cognitive learning courses and one is mathematical learning course. Each of four classes were randomly divided into two groups, i.e. experimental and controlled group. A brief intervention of 20 minutes i.e. BLMM was used prior to the schedule lecture start. Place Bo group was exposed to a relaxation exercise. All in all 97 students participated in the experiment. No difference of learning retention was found across the groups. However, the significant difference across gender was identified. Result revealed that a brief meditation of 20 minute before the lecture start could improve the learning retention of female for cognitive and mathematical learning courses. Supervisor:- Dr Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Keywords : Anxiety, Blue Light Muraqaba Meditation (BLMM), Effects, Gender, Learning Retention, Random distribution, Relaxation
Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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