Resource Curse Hypothesis And The Role Of Unemployment In Pakistan
Author: Amaila Rashid

The natural resources curse is frequently debated in economic development and growth literature. It is commonly believed that resource-abundant economies tend to grow more slowly than low resource endowment economies. Pakistan is an underdeveloping country and facing mounting debt and perennial imbalanced trade. Pakistan is blessed with numerous precious natural resources. The current study’s research objective is to examine Pakistan’s economic dependence on natural resources and assess high resource allocations’ impact on economic growth. This study is also aimed to assess the existing Resource Curse theory in Pakistan critically. It is a common belief that natural resource-abundant countries have job opportunities, and unemployment is low in those countries. This study also investigates unemployment role in the presence of natural resources. ARDL is used to check the short and long-run relationship between Natural resources and economic growth. Time series data is used from 1984 to 2018. The results show that the resource curse hypothesis is proved in Pakistan’s case, too, and the unemployment rate is also high despite having natural resources. Supervisor:- Dr. Nazia Bibi

Meta Data

Supervisor: Nazia Bibi

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