Impact of Financial Development on Commercial Banks Profitability: Evidence from South Asian Countries.
Author: Ahmad Ali

This study investigates the impact of financial development on profitability of commercial banks in South Asia. For this purpose, the study employs a sample of five South Asian countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka) during the period of thirty years spanning from (1990-2019). There are two empirical models in this study. In model one, Variables of CPI, GDP, Bank Credit, and Domestic Credit show negative impact on ROA whereas variables of Private Credit and Bank Deposit show positive impact on ROA. Similarly, in second model variables of CPI, GDP, Private Credit and Domestic credit show positive impact on ROE whereas variables of Bank credit and Bank Deposits show negative impact on ROE. Hausman specification test shows that random effect model is appropriate in both models. Panel ARDL model used to check the Long run and short relationships. The ARDL results show that long run relationship exists between variables. The ECM values show that convergence in both models. Supervisor:- Dr. Nadeem Ahmad Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Nadeem Ahmed Khan

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