Nexus Between Food Security, Inflation, Income, And Safety Net Policies A Study Of Rural Households (2012-2014)
Author: Muhammad Mamoon Hassan

The Study explores the combined effect of household income, food prices and safety net participation on household Food security. An aggregated analysis has been done to observe how household income, food inflation, and BISP safety net participation determine household food security status. Additionally, the impact of household size, household head gender and household literacy status have been observed on household food security. Secondly, an additional analysis has been conducted for the impact of household income, prices of the food item and BISP transfer payments on the consumption of each of the food item individually selected in household consumption basket, to observe the sensitivity of food items towards changes in income, own price and BISP unconditional cash transfer. Data is taken from Pakistan Rural Household Panel Survey Data collected by International Food Policy Research Institute. Household income has been found to be positively contributing towards food security in both aggregated and disaggregated models. Inflation has been observed to be negatively impacting household food security and negatively impacting consumption of most of the food items in basket. BISP cash transfer have been observed to have positive impact on household food consumption. Among other variables, household size is strongly negatively and household literacy status is positively related to food security. Provision of better education will improve the household food security directly and indirectly through improving their incomes. Increasing the BISP cash amount and including more beneficiaries will improve the overall food security situation of households. Apart from that, government should prioritise controlling prices of staple foods like wheat flour and rice, vegetables and sugar, as they are the most sensitive towards changes in prices and income. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Jehangir khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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