Deprived And Neglected: Street Children Of The Twin Cities – Issues And Problems
Author: Amna Urooj

The phenomenon of the street children is omnipresent throughout the world. Two categories of street children exists: children “on” the streets are those children that spend day time on the streets usually begging and return to their homes/families at night. Children “of” the streets are those children that spend both day and night on the streets and usually don’t have families to return to. Various reasons that force children to step on streets include but are not limited to poverty, domestic issues such as parental separation, migration to metropolitan cities, in search of jobs etc. Once a child is out on the street, he faces a plethora of issues and problems such as lack of decent place to sleep, malnutrition, declining healthcare and most importantly exposure to the risk of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). CSA is a very common malady of the street children as they’re mostly without guardians which leads to them being impacted by it not only physically but also psychologically, economically and socially. Current Pakistani laws and policies do guarantee protection from CSA in the street children of the twin cities. However, they’re not fully implemented. The study finds that in order to combat with the issue of CSA in street children of the twin cities a careful mapping based upon baseline study is required followed by a fool-proof strategic plan with proper follow-up measures and auditing. Moreover, mass awareness campaigns and community involvement is also required as the study implies. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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