Issues and Challenges of Street children in Golra Sharif, Islamabad
Author: Zar Afshan Riaz

In this world millions of children are roaming on streets. These children are deprived of basic necessities of life. Street children are subjected to sexual and physical abuse around the world. Government takes action to decrease the ratio of street children rather than to know the root causes of street children and to give love and nurture them. Street children are considered as the problem of this society and treated in unmannered way. Street children are beaten and murdered by police because of their deeds. This issue has been recognized Globally but unfortunately this issue is not taken by governments seriously. It is the violation of human rights as well. In Pakistan street children ratio has been increased from the past years but no such actions have been taken to know their problems and to know their reasons being on streets. Different programs are running and Non-Profit Organizations are running and doing projects to decrease the ratio of street children but still no improvements have been seen. Street children are linked with many other problems which results a child to being on street and force children to beg on streets. Street children have many different characteristics, such as child labor, child drug addiction and child begging. The researcher has taken only one characteristic of street children. The researcher has taken one locale of Islamabad that is Golra Sharif (Kachi Abadi) in which mostly poor people lives. The researcher is using qualitative approach as this issue cannot be quantify because researcher will be dealing with the illiterate part of society. The researcher has done Interviews to know the issues and challenges, their problems of life. This study will throw light on the problems of street children specifically beggars and their reasons being on streets. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Keywords : Issues of street children, Parents Issues, Street Children
Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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