Role of Metro in the Reduction of Private Vehicles: A case study of Multan
Author: Mujahid Ali

Traffic congestion is a major problem being faced by the many growing economies. The numbers of vehicles on the road is increasing day by day due to the rapid increase in population and the rural urban migration. As Punjab is the largest province of Pakistan, numbers of vehicles on the road are increasing rapidly. Punjab government has taken initiative to reduce the traffic related problem in major cities like Multan, Rawalpindi and Lahore by introducing the BRT system there. The purpose behind these types of mega projects is to reduce the traffic related problem by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road. This study investigates the role of Multan Metro Bus service in the reduction of the use of private vehicle along the metro route. This study investigates this phenomenon with the following objectives such as is the level of travel satisfaction provided by MBS according to the expectation of private vehicles users. This study investigates the factors preventing the private vehicle user from using the MBS and the factors that are attracting the private vehicle owners as well. In this study Private vehicle owner includes both the users of two-wheeler and four-wheeler. This study uses qualitative methods to find the answers of research questions. Framework analysis has been used to analyze the data. The findings shows that Multan metro bus service failed to attract the user of four-wheeler. The users of two-wheeler mostly now prefer MBS over their bikes. Different problems are being faced by the users of four-wheeler in using the MBS such as shorter route problem, time consumption and unavailability of parking places and many more. These factors are directly affecting the people preference for the mode of travel. Supervisor:- Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Meta Data

Keywords : BRT, Four-wheeler, Metro Bus Service, Two-wheeler
Supervisor: Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro

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