Economic Value of Recreational Fishing: A Case Study of Mangla Dam, Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Author: Sidra Ayub

The study tends to determine the recreational value of fishing at Mangla Dam Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir. This study is based on primary data collected from 250 visitors. The data was obtained through structured questionnaire. For analysis Individual Travel Cost Method, descriptive statistics, priority indices were used. The objectives of the study are to evaluate recreational value of fishing at Mangla Dam, to assess the problems faced by visitors, and to explore the factor that will affect the recreational demand of fishing at Mangla Dam. Estimating the economic values of the recreational fishing is an important input to decisions about rules to maintain or upgrade the site quality. The result shows that the annual monetary value of recreation is 64.5 million rupees and after provision of more of facilities this value may increase up to 70 million which is a much high amount which yields to economy every year, however in practical scenario it is not actually for the Mangla dam, because of the fact that the total cost is sum of opportunity cost of time spent at travelling, accommodation cost, food, lodging, boat rent etc. which has been paid to other party. The major influencing factors of visitation frequency were observed as Travel Cost, Household Income, Age, Household Size, employment status, retirement, gender, distance etc. The calculations show that visitors placed higher value to the sitting area problem. During survey majority of visitors complain about the issue of sitting area. As there are no proper shades or sitting facilities available at the dam. After providing the desired services, the authority would have sufficient resources for maintenance and up gradation of facilities. Supervisor:- Dr Anwar Hussain

Meta Data

Keywords : Economic Value, Mangla Dam, Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Recreational Fishing
Supervisor: Anwar Hussain

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