Impact Of Organizational Commitment On Transfer Of Training, The Moderating Role Of Supervisory Support And Organizational Climate In Public Sector Organization Of Islamabad, Pakistan
Author: Muhammad Abdul Razzaq

The aim of this study is to understand detailed definitions and role of organizational commitment, supervisory support, organizational climate and transfer of training. The study involves a literature of organizational behavior to understand organizational commitment and social support variables and Training and development for transfer of training and uses the Adam’s Equity Theory, Vroom’s expectancy and Social exchange Theory to understand the moderation. It is a cross-sectional study, the control group was employees of basic pay scale greater than 17 of few public sector organizations of Islamabad, Pakistan. The measurement instruments included questionnaire method and analysis have done with the help of statistical technique descriptive statistic and regression. The results showed that moderation of both supervisory support and organizational climate in opposite of each other i.e. supervisory support works as barrier for transfer of training while organizational climate support the transfer of training. Supervisor:- Miss. Mariam Mohsin

Meta Data

Keywords : Organizational Climate and Transfer of Training, Organizational Commitment, Supervisory Support
Supervisor: Mariam Mohsin

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