Impact of Air Pollution from Marble Industry on Health: A Case Study from Bajaur Agency, FATA
Author: Naveed Ur Rehman

The present research work is based on assessment of impact of marble industries on human health and duration of workday’s loss due to the sufferings from different diseases. Primary data was collected using both probabilistic and non-probabilistic sampling techniques. The total sample size is 346 respondents. The data was equally distributed among marble factory workers and non-marble factory workers i.e. 173 from marble industry workers and 173 non-marble industry workers from residential area near the vicinity of marble industries. Data was obtained through well-structured, pretested questionnaire. Multiple linear regression model (MLR) was used to estimate both number of workday’s loss due to illness and total direct mitigation cost. Result revealed that there is significant number of workday’s loss due to illness from dust. High correlation was observed between higher working hours and greater exposure to the dust particles. Marble factory workers are more exposed to the dust. Thus making them more ill compared to non-marble factory workers and results in more workday’s losses as compared to the non-marble factory workers. Non-marble factory workers have option to live within limits of the factory or far away from the factory and would also use air cleaning machines or dust minimizing appliances. Negative and insignificant relationship of income with workday’s loss have been found. The respondents were unaware about the adverse effects of marble dust on their health. This is mainly due to lack of education and awareness. On an average the marble factory workers were losing 30% of their working hours and 37% of their income due to health hazards. Policy recommendations were formulated. Supervisor:- Dr. Usman Mustafa

Meta Data

Supervisor: Usman Mustafa

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