Impact of Fast Fashion Factors on Consumer Instore Hoarding with the Moderating role of Fashion Innovativeness (Study of Limelight and Ethnic Clothing Brands in Pakistan)
Author: Haseena Naz

The study is an attempt to check the Impact of Fast Fashion Factors on Consumer Instore Hoarding with the moderating role of Fashion Innovativeness. The study examines how the shoppers in store behavior pleasure derived shopping and the chances of shoppers likely to make repeat purchases may be intrinsically linked and how these 3 behaviors corelate with fashion innovativeness and 3 fast fashion factors perceived perishability, low prices and human crowding leading to in store hoarding. This study also examined how fashion innovativeness moderates the relationship between fast fashion factors and consumer instore hoarding. This research was completed using female customers of the leading Fast fashion brands in Pakistan Limelight and Ethnic. This study set up that perceived low prices is a robust factor in consumer instore hoarding. While perceived perishability and perceived human crowding are also the main drivers in promoting instore hoarding among customers. With the help of data received by female customers, this study concluded the behaviour of the customers towards these brands. This study explained the theoretical and practical effects for sellers in the fashion industry. Supervisor:- Dr Nadeem khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Nadeem Ahmed Khan

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