Impact of Family Exposure to Business and Business Education on Entrepreneurial Intention: Mediation of Family Support and Entrepreneurial Capacity
Author: Nauman Tariq

Entrepreneurship today has become a very hot topic of discussion for people of various backgrounds: social workers; philanthropists; policy makers; investors; educationists; and politicians to name a few. Entrepreneurship education is on the boom and many business schools of Pakistan including: IBA; LUMS; NUSTBusiness School; and the Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar has formed centers at their premises fostering entrepreneurship. So much so that even an engineering university (University of Engineering & Technology) has set up a center promoting entrepreneurship as a business incubation center in its (Hayatabad) campus in Peshawar. Such has become the popularity of the subject that a new academic journal has been introduced to add to the existing body of knowledge on entrepreneurship by the name: “Journal of business venturing”.(Stevenson & Jarillo, 1990) Supervisor: -Dr. Ansir Ali Rajpu

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Supervisor: Ansir Ali Rajput

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