Impact Of Inequity In Reward System On Interpersonal Conflicts In Organization And Turnover Intentions In Telecom Sector Of Islamabad, Pakistan
Author: Noor ul Huda

The study makes an analysis of the impact of inequity in reward system on interpersonal conflicts and turnover intentions in telecom sector Pakistan. The geographical region under study was Islamabad. There were three major determinants i.e. inequity in reward system, interpersonal conflicts and turnover intentions. Data has been collected from a sample of 200 which has been taken from the population of almost 3500 employees from the telecom industry Islamabad, Pakistan i.e. Zong, PTCL and Ufone. The results confirm that inequity in reward system has impact on interpersonal conflicts and turnover intentions but other factors also do matter. Supervisor:- Mr. Tahir Masood

Meta Data

Keywords : Interpersonal Conflicts, Pakistan, Reward System, Telecom Sector-Pakistan, Turnover Intentions
Supervisor: Tahir Masood

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