Green Productivity and Tree Plantation: A Case Study of Rawalpindi And Islamabad
Author: Shahzaib Ahmed

The urbanization and crucial influence of man in the natural setup is causing numerous difficulties. In the current era of modernization, human activities are disturbing the ecosystem, like industrialization, emissions of toxic gasses, causing several diseases. To tackle these problems Green Productivity is a tool to help and maintain a balance between needs and supply of products or services and maintain the environment. In the current study, two different areas were selected from the twin cities named: Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi and Bahria Town, Islamabad. Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi is a dense urban area with less or no trees and vegetation while the Bahria Town, Islamabad has lush green plantation and Margalla Hills Forest in the vicinity. This ground reality makes both locations best to justify the concept of green productivity. For this purpose, total 20 water samples (i.e., 10 from each site with triplication) were collected and physiochemical properties were analyzed including temperature of water, TDS, pH, alkalinity, hardness and chloride ion. The results from Bahria Town, Islamabad were significant (p>0.5) while results from Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi were evidently opposite. Environmental parameters from past 10 years (2010-2020) including rainfall, maximum temperature and minimum temperature were analyzed and found increasing trend in temperature. Moreover, the rainfall pattern was also uncertain. A public survey was conduct in the study areas to identify the socioeconomic status and to found awareness and interest level for tree plantation. Interviewees were from diverse background. In the study area of Bahria Town, Islamabad disease frequency was low, temperature was relatively tolerable, people were relatively polite, lesser noise pollution and lush green vegetation was found. Furthermore, in Sadiqabad, Rawalpindi few trees were found, temperature was relatively high, high noise pollution, people were usually suffering from lungs diseases and asthma etc. people had relatively rough behavior. However, inhabitants of both study areas showed great interest and considered dire need for tree planation. The current study proved a prominent distinction about the impact and need of green productivity via green infrastructure and plantation. Green productivity has become need of the modern urban planning and sustainable development. Supervisor:- Dr Usman Ahmad Co-Supervisor:- Dr Muhammad Jehangir Khan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Usman Ahmad
Cosupervisor: Muhammad Jehangir Khan

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