Assessing The Sectorial Management Of Blue Growth In Pakistan
Author: Jawaria Abbasi

Pakistan is a marine rich country with a coastline of approximately 990 KM long and 240,000 sq in area . The concept of The Blue Economy or Blue growth is regarded as maximizing the benefits that can be derived from marine resources and increase socio-economic development while protecting and preserving the environment and ensuring sustainable usage. The Blue economy sectors in Pakistan including the major export sectors such as shipping and fishing are not sustainability optimized and far from the desired policy manifestations. This study aims to identify the potential avenues of blue growth in Pakistan like shipping and fisheries through sectorial concentration. The study also identifies the policy and practice gap and its causes in fisheries and shipping. The study has used qualitative data from both primary and secondary resources. The primary resources including key informant discussions and secondary sources such as existing policies and Literature. Responses were analyzed based on the six-point approach of thematic analysis. The sectorial concentration was determined based on the location quotient. The Results Showed that there are major opportunities for investment as the Location quotient was below the efficient number. While the result of the thematic analysis showed major practice and policy gaps in the maritime sector of Pakistan. These loopholes are institutional, political, implementation and technological lag along with the socio-ecological concerns and lack of private investment. The result suggests that Pakistan can optimize the Blue economy for the socio-economic development of the country through an integrated policy framework, inter-institutional collaboration, review of shipping and fishing policies according to the principles of sustainable growth. The Policy discourse must have relied on environmental sustainability and cooperation between the local communities, institutions and policymakers to ensure a national co-evolution program based on preservation of the ocean and bio-diversity. Supervisor:- Dr Junaid Alam Memon

Meta Data

Supervisor: Junaid Alam Memon

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