Factors Influencing Biodiversity of Marine Fishery in Pakistan
Author: Aqsa Shoaib Abbasi

This study investigates the factors influencing biodiversity of marine fishery in Pakistan followed by checking the validity of EKC using annual data 1980-2014. The impacts of fishing on trophic structure of ecological groups were assessed using fishery-based indicators. In this study, we use a set of fishery-based indicators the fishing in balance index (FiB). Augmented Ducky fuller confirms that all variables of external sector that are non-stationary at original series then at first difference it becomes stationary. Cointegration test also shows one co-integrating equation detecting long term relationship among the variables. The multiple linear regression model was predictable by using OLS method. The empirical findings suggest that rainfall has positive while temperature has negative impact on fishery biodiversity. The non-climatic factors like per capita income affects it negatively. In our study the EKC does not hold. Climate is hardly the biggest problem for fishermen overfishing, mismanagement and poor regulation are all larger problems right now. There should be a ban on illegal fishing and issued a proper license to professional fisherme Supervisor:- Dr. Anwar Hussain

Meta Data

Keywords : Biodiversity of Marine Fishery, Factors Influencing Biodiversity, Fishery in Pakistan, Marine Fishery in Pakistan
Supervisor: Anwar Hussain

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