Equity In Health Care Financing: The Case Of Pakistan
Author: Ghulam Dastageer

This research is based on health care financing equity and equalities being investigated in Pakistan. The study has used secondary data, taken from PSLM and HIES 2015-16. The sample of 2033 households is selected for the study on equitability in health financing at the household level. The study has used descriptive statistics and indices to analyze the data. The study found that people with less income are more vulnerable to face catastrophic health expenditures. Health care financing is progressive in Pakistan with positive values of the Kakwani Index score. The study concludes that people pay more towards health financing as their income increases across households and quantiles in different provinces in Pakistan. Supervisor:- Dr. Fazli Hakim Khattak

Meta Data

Supervisor: Fazli Hakim Khattak

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