Impact of corporate governance and board composition on strategic decision and profitability
Author: Mubashrah Malik

This study examines the impact of corporate governance, board composition on strategic decision and profitability of the non-financial firms from the period of 2005-2015. The 100 non-financial firms enlisted on Pakistan Stock Exchange has been examined by using multivariate regression analysis under fixed effect model approach, measures the corporate governance include board size, board meeting, directors attendance, board composition, board independence, non-executive directors, CEO duality, institutional and directors shareholdings. Capital structure and dividend payout are taken as the proxy of strategic decisions and return on assets is used to measure the firm performance. It has been observed that corporate governance and board composition have diversified impact on the strategic decisions. However, board independence, attendance of directors and debt have a significant impact on the firm performance. These findings have the significant implication for company managers and regulatory authorities. Supervisor:- Dr Arshad Hassan

Meta Data

Keywords : Board Composition, Corporate Governance, Profitability, Strategic Decision
Supervisor: Arshad Hassan

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