Corporate Cash Holdings and Firm Value: Moderating Role of Family Ownership and Shariah Label
Author: Imran Ali

The aim of this study to examines the impact of corporate cash holding on firm value for the period of 2009 to 2018 by using panel data of 100 non-financial companies listed at PSX. This study used threshold model to test whether there is a nonlinear relationship exist between cash holdings and firm value, the study use Generalized Method of Moment (GMM) for estimations. This study empirically tests whether cash holding increases the firm value up to an optimal level and deviations from optimum level on either side decreases the firm value. The study also addresses the issue that how deviation from optimal cash holding can affect the value of the company in the presence of family ownership and sharia compliant securities. The results show a nonlinear relationship exist between cash holdings and firm value which confirm the existence of optimum level of cash holdings and deviation from optimal level reduce the firm value. Furthermore the study contributes to the literature in the context of sharia and family firms. Findings show that family firms and shariah compliant firms have significant impact on the relationship of deviation from optimal cash level and firm value. Supervisor:- Dr. Ahmad Fraz Co Supervisor:- Dr. Arshad Hassan

Meta Data

Supervisor: Ahmed Fraz

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