Compromised Environment And Health Hazards: Calculating The Economic Costs Of Dengue, A Case Study Of Swat
Author: Waqar Younas

This study identifies the potential determinants of dengue transmission and examines the awareness level and protective practices for dengue illness. Moreover, the study also calculates the direct and indirect costs faced by the dengue patients. Primary data were collected from 210 respondents in district Swat and two groups of respondents were selected for interviews: (i)affected group (dengue patients) and unaffected group (non-patients). Sample descriptive analysis were used to calculate the health cost of dengue patient. Linear Probability Model was applied to determine the potential determinants of dengue illness. Graphical and descriptive analysis were used to determine the awareness level and protective practices the respondents used during dengue outbreak. Total health cost of dengue illness per patient is calculated as Rs 18797.22 which included both direct and indirect cost. Average direct cost per patient of dengue illness was Rs 11018.38 and average indirect cost or productivity loss per patient due to dengue illness was Rs 7778.84. Averages period of the dengue illness were 12.05 days. The normal hydrological condition, solid waste, tire shop, and river near to home increase the probability of dengue illness. All the households have used various protective methods during dengue outbreak. Most of them used mosquito net, spray, eliminate standing water around the home, mosquito coils, and some other protective methods. Supervisor:- Dr. Muhammad Nasir

Meta Data

Supervisor: Muhammad Nasir

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