Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector in Term of Job satisfaction and Turnover Intention (Banking sector of Islamabad)
Author: Aaqib Rasool

Employees play an important role in the success of an organization. This study investigates the variance in satisfaction level of employees in public and private banks. In this study we investigate a sample from Pakistan’s banking sector to understand why turnover intentions remain high in the private sector which apparently offers better pay packages as compared to the public sector banks. The study also explores the factors contributing to job satisfaction and employees’ turnover in the banking sector. Drawing on 30 in-depth interviews with employees from the banking sector of Islamabad, the study ascertains that the turnover intention of employees in the private sector of Pakistan is higher than the government sector. The result reveals that Job security, salary, promotion, work environment are the most important factors contributing to job satisfaction. We observed that the idea of a career was less related to growth and more related to stability, therefore, turnover remained high where the employees were not offered Job Security. Since the public sector offers a more secure career trajectory, employees prefer staying in these organizations, despite low salaries. It is important because the Pakistani context offers a different understanding of career in terms of stability. This study is delimited to employees of Government and private banks of Islamabad only thus the results cannot be generalized on any other regions and banks. Findings of the study provides banks managers, administrators, and human resources professionals with key information that would enable them to recruit, reward, promote, and retain employees. The finding would also enable the private banks to address the issue of employee turnover effectively. Supervisor:- Ms. Mariam Mohsin

Meta Data

Supervisor: Mariam Mohsin

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