Challenges of student accommodation at institutions of higher learning: A case study of Islamabad
Author: Asadullah


Student housing is an essential concern for educational institutions, parents, and students alike because it dramatically impacts academic achievement and personal success. Even with its essential significance, there is a noticeable absence of scholarly knowledge on the subject of student housing issues, especially when it comes to Islamabad. By performing a complete examination of the problems experienced by students living in both public and private housing in Islamabad, this study aims to close a research gap. The study highlights several issues, including overcrowding, a lack of resources and social places, obstacles to academic growth, adverse effects on emotional health, and infrastructure problems. The research utilizes a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to comprehend the complex interaction of variables influencing the living circumstances of students. The results emphasize how important it is to upgrade the facilities, infrastructure, and resource management in Islamabad’s hostel environments to reduce these student’s social, emotional, and academic problems.

Meta Data

Keywords : academic performance, Effective resource management, Insufficient facilities, Mental wellbeing, Student accommodation, Student housing
Supervisor: Saman Nazir

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