Feminized Professions And The Pink Ghetto – A Case Of School Teaching In Islamabad
Author: Saman Tariq


Feminized professions are defined as a workforce primarily comprised of women and have been the focus of both social and academic research. (Drudy, 2013; Kelleher, 2011). These kinds of jobs are frequently linked to narrow career paths, pay gaps, and institutionalised prejudice, all of which combine to create what has been called the “pink ghetto” (Allen, 2018). The complexity of feminized professions and how they become the pink ghetto are explored in this study, with a focus on a specific cluster of private schools proliferating throughout Islamabad, Pakistan.

The research methodology used for the thesis “Feminized Professions and the Pink Ghetto – A Case Study of School Teaching in Islamabad” is qualitative. Data was collected from several private schools in Islamabad using semi-structured interviews and purposive sampling to investigate the femininity of this profession, experiences, problems, and perceptions of female teachers in the context of private school teaching- the pink ghetto phenomena. The data was analysed using thematic analysis, which allowed the researcher to explore the objectives of her research.

This study examines the dynamics of the pink ghetto and feminized professions in the special context of teaching in private schools in Islamabad, Pakistan. It emphasises how crucial it is to advance equal opportunities for women in the workforce and offers suggestions for creating a society in which professions are determined by skills and interests rather than gender. Moreover, the research’s conclusions draw attention to the pervasive pay disparity, constrained career advancement opportunities, and discriminatory practices that impede women’s advancement as private school teachers. Furthermore, it emphasises how institutional practices, policy frameworks, and cultural norms contribute to the persistence of gender gaps in the education sector. This study intends to add to the continuing debate on advancing gender equality across feminized professions by giving policy implications, and suggestions and highlighting the need for inclusive policies.

Meta Data

Keywords : Feminized Professions, gender discrimination, gender pay parity, Pink Ghetto
Supervisor: Mariam Mohsin

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