Reviewing And Incorporating Pedagogical Techniques In Higher Education Via Students Perceptions
Author: Zarmina Khalid Khan

This thesis presents qualitative research that examines how students perceive various teaching practices exercised in higher education institutions. Main aim of this research was to find out how students regard teaching practices, their attitude towards teaching quality assessment surveys and their influence on improvement of teaching practice, their concerns about how teaching practices can be transformed as well as the effect of Covid-19 pandemic on teaching practices. Online semi-structured interviews were conducted asking students General questions about teaching practices prevailed and what new teaching techniques should they think to be incorporated in higher education. Finding from this research helps teachers to prioritize their effort to search for more innovative and student centered teaching techniques that are identified by students as most important. Based on the results of this study a collective opinion was put forward by students called for a blended learning approach at higher education level which would enhance not only student engagement, motivation, critical thinking and depth of learning but would do increase learning responsibility as well as the ability to interact with peers and teachers Supervisor:- Ms. Lubna Hassan Co-Supervisor:- Mr. Aqeel Anwar

Meta Data

Supervisor: Lubna Hassan
Cosupervisor: Muhammad Aqeel Anwar

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