Determinants Of The Size Of The Government
Author: Lala Rukh Tufail

The prerequisite to debate on the perspective of the determinants of size of public sector has increased after the World War 2. The urge of transition from authoritarian regimes to democracy is worth consideration. Since the advancement in the research in the political institutions, governance and its determinants are enormous and contradictory. This research work emphases on the pattern of Gross National Expenditure for the 96 countries including both developing and developed nations and estimates the determinants which have far and wide influenced the expenditures patterns throughout the years from 1960 till recent times. Using cross section data and ordinary least square technique, it is found out that authoritarian regimes negatively affect the size of the public sector due to less developmental expenditures which are the subtle justification as absolutism, self-interest, rent seeking, patronage and corruption. The Gross domestic product per capita, population and area have substantial impact on state sector. On contrary, the specification analysis favors the robustness of the baseline analysis hence the results remains integral. Supervisor:- Dr Karim Khan

Meta Data

Keywords : Absolutism, Aid, Authoritarian Regimes, Democracy, Gross National Expenditure, Patronage, Public Sector, Rent-seeking
Supervisor: Karim Khan

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