Workplace Spirituality: A Meta-analysis
Author: Khadija Umar

The idea of spirituality at the workplace is fundamental to many awareness domains. Over the past 30 years spirituality in the workplace has undergone remarkable changes, but its meaning, calculation, and ability to forecast spirituality in the workplace is still called into question. I consider that if organizational spirituality is conceptualized on interdisciplinary understanding, many of these obstacles can be resolved. There is a very few and considerable literature on variables of workplace spirituality and it is time to consolidate the knowledge through a systematic review and meta-analysis. This research explores meta-analytical procedures over the concept of spirituality in the workplace. For this, I have therefore performed a meta-analysis of the final sample of 17 studies to cover all these gaps and misconceptions. Studies published between last 20 years were included with a total sample of 5352. I justify studies by using random effect modeling in R-software. Results show a significant association between variables of workplace spirituality i.e., meaningful work, Sense of community, Alignment with organizational values and explained through forest plots. This research further clarifies that spirituality in the workplace promotes self-kindness, compassion, health and positive thought. Study limitation and direction for future research has been presented for this investigation. Supervisor:- Dr. Hassan Rasool

Meta Data

Supervisor: Hassan Rasool

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